Sire: Talquah Talik
Dam: Aloha Rosetta

A very correct stallion with great legs, feet and a lovely length of rein. He is consistently passing on these attributes over a variety of mares.
A full brother to Aloha Messiah – highly performed Endurance horse in the 1990’s.

Progeny starting to perform well in endurance including

Castlebar Elodie - 1st Open & BC at the Trans Tasman

FEI 1* South Australia 2010 - exported to New Zealand.


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Date Ride Distance Time H/Rates Weight Comments
22/07/01 Coolamon Canola 40km 3hrs 02min 36/39   Completion
31/07/04 Nowhere Creek 80km 6hrs 04min 36/44/48 85kg Completion
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