Sire: Arkab Mahran
Dam: Clemency

Won over 80 and 160km with numerous BC awards. A stunning stallion with an amazing attitude to compete.

Sire of Castlebar Kalahari place getter and winner of numerus rides including the pre Quilty 160km trial at Tonimbuk in 2008, 160km UAE Presidents Cup 19th, 160km Tom Quilty 2009 9th MWT, 160km QLD State Championships FEI 3* - 2nd Open(by 1 second) & BC winner.

Has returned home from overseas and Is standing at stud for the 2010-11 season.



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Date Ride Distance Time H/Rates Weight Comments
09/07/00 Brukunga 56km 5hrs 55min 46/36/42   Completion
06/08/00 Woolshed Ride 80km 8hrs 17min 42/40/48 74kg 5th MWT
21/07/01 Coolamon Canola 80km 6hrs 00min 32/38/42 68kg 8th LWT
11/08/01 Miranda Wine Classic 80km 4hrs 21min 51/37/48 78kg 4th MWT
15/12/01 Upper Murray Challenge FEI 110km 9hrs 37min 28/54-4/52-8/40/52-6/44 75.5kg 10th OPEN
27/01/02 Brigolong Moonlight Cup 90km 5hrs 25min 34/48/49/38 74.5kg =3rd MWT & BC
03/03/02 Starkeys SA ERA 80km 4hrs 00min 34/51/52 75kg =1st MWT
23/02/03 Nelligen  Currowan 80km 7hrs 02min 30/36/42 82kg 5th MWT
15/03/03 Rankin Springs Twilight 80km 4hrs 08min 36/39/45 86kg 1st MWT & BC
12/10/03 Bright 80km 5hrs 17min 31/34/38 73kg =1st MWT
01/11/03 Griffith 80km 4hrs 51min 38/37/41 73kg =1st MWT & BC
16/11/03 Starkeys 80km 4hrs 49min 28/36/40 73kg =2nd MWT
24/01/04 Kowen Forest 80km 4hrs 09min 34/40/44/42 73kg 1st MWT & BC
06/03/04 Elmhurst 80km 4hrs 29min 32/43/54 74kg 1st MWT & BC
21/03/04 Waterloo Elevator 80km 4hrs 48min 35/40/44 77kg Completion
08/05/04 The Rock 80km 4hrs 25min 34/36/41 77kg =3rd MWT
24/07/04 Dubai Cup FEI 2** Vic 118km 7hrs 33min 30/58-3/54-4/56-6/52 76.5kg 4th OPEN & BC
19/09/04 Barmera 120km 7hrs 50min 29/49-4/43-4/49-6/48 73kg =2nd MWT
09/10/04 Bright 80km 5hrs 41min 40/39/50 75kg =2nd MWT
04/12/04 Cobb & Co Zone Championship 160km 9hrs 46min 31/37/42/42/42/44 73kg =1st MWT & BC
26/06/05 Great Western 84km 5hrs 24min 27/39/51 74kg 4th MWT
10/07/05 Raglan 80km 4hrs 37min 32/34/45 76kg =2nd MWT
22/07/05 Aust. Youth Champ & Open FEI 3** Event 120km 6hrs 54min 26/60-2/57-5/60-4/52   3rd YOUTH
11/09/05 Coolamon 80km 4hrs 51min 34/38/45 73kg =1st MWT
22/10/05 Cowbar Canter 80km 5hrs 35min 30/51/52/47 74kg 1st MWT
20/11/05 Beechworth 80km 4hrs 42min 32/36/40 73.5kg 1st MWT
17/12/05 World Youth Championships - Bahrain 120km       10th & Team Gold
17/06/06 UK Ride 160km 12hrs 01min     8th OPEN
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