Sire: Pathan
Dam: Serenity

Seraja has consistently passed on his fantastic heart rate recoveries. He is especially suited to larger type mares. His progeny out of Thoroughbred and Anglos are proving to be of a very high quality.

Seraja himself a winning Endurance horse. Regulary winning 80km rides with Meg in 3 ½ to 4 hours with excellent heart rate recoveries. He also completed the Shahzada 400km marathon in 1990

Sire of Castlebar Macleod winner of the 2003 Tom Quilty 160km, Castlebar Tradition winner over 80 to 160km’s, Castlebar Cody winning Endurance horse, Castlebar Sarcee successful competitor in the UAE, Castlebar Denis successful in UAE and currently top 5 horse (2008) in Saudi Arabia.
All Seraja’s progeny bred by Castlebar over 5yo have successfully reached Endurance status

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Date Ride Distance Time H/Rates Weight Comments
12/11/1989 Ride Thru Hell 80km 3hrs 31min 38/36/46 65kg =2nd LWT
20-24/08/1990 Shahzada 400km 40hrs 06min

Day 1-37,40,39

Day 2- 42,43

Day 3- 40,38

Day 4- 41, 38

Day 5- 37,40



Average HR - 40

Average Riding Time - 7-8 1/4 hrs.

02/11/1991 Ride Thru Hell 80km 4hrs 03min 42/42/44 65kg 1st LWT
24/11/1991 Narranderra 80km 3hrs 25min 37/39/42 67kg 1st LWT
19/01/1992 Whitton 80km 3hrs 36min 35/41/46 65kg 1st LWT
27/05/1992 Cedar Creek 100km 7hrs 26min 32/37/48 81kg 14th MWT
09/05/1993 Wagga Wagga 100km 8hrs 28min 31/37/34/41 83kg Completion
23/05/1993 Binya 80km 4hrs 08min 32/32/42 75kg =5th OPEN
03/08/1996 Sandy Creek 80km 6hrs 00min 36/40/38 75kg =3rd MWT
10/08/1996 Elphinstone 80km 4hrs 00min 35/38/48 76kg 4th MWT
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