Sire: Talquah Talik
Dam: Queen of Bells

A stunning Anglo stallion with impeccable breeding. The Queen of Bell’s line from Aloha stud have excelled in all disciplines and Talquah Talik has produced many winning Endurance horses.

Aloha Yukon competed lightly in Endurance - 6 x 80km rides successfully. Excellent heart rates and beautiful to ride. He has won in the show ring under saddle.
His oldest progeny are now competing in endurance with success.

Aloha Yukon is offered for sale - due to a change in direction in our breeding programme.

He is currently under lease to Karen Johanson of Kalkadoon Arabians QLD.

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Date Ride Distance Time H/Rates Weight Comments
17/03/01 Rocky Glen 40km 5hrs 00min 32/34   Completion
22/04/01 KERC Amberglade 40km 3hrs 05min 32/38   Completion
09/03/02 Rankin Springs Twilight 80km 6hrs 05min 48/48/44 85kg =6th MWT
13/04/02 Canberra Challenge 80km 6hrs 45min 44/57-3/49-4/50-8 78kg =5th MWT
18/05/02 PT Elliot South Australia 100km 7hrs 45min 40/48-1/50-2/48 73kg 2nd LWT
14/08/04 Cobaw Canter 80km 6hrs 33min 33/32/38 82kg Completion
26/09/04 Woodstock 80km 4hrs 24min 30/40/46 74.5kg =3rd MWT
08/05/05 Stanley 80km 6hrs 04min 34/41/43 76kg =7th MWT
21/05/05 Lover Leap FEI 2** 90km 6hrs 05min 48/54-4/56-5/56 75.5kg 5th MWT
13/05/07 Ride around the Rock 80km 6hrs 03min 28/36/35 87kg Completion
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